Controlling Your Sales Results

22 Aug

How do you guarantee yourself a deal? How can you guarantee that your sales team will hit target? How can you be in control of your results in sales? The most daunting question in sales is: how am I going to hit target?

The power of Permission Marketing

24 Sep

Permission Marketing in Sales

You may have heard of Permission Marketing, a phrase used for when marketers ask the client for permission before they continue with the sales process. The phrase is mainly used in online marketing and email marketing. However, Permission Marketing is incredibly powerful and it also works in telesales and face to face sales. Here’s how [...]

salestraining: 5 Ways To Win Trust

18 Sep

salestraining: how to win trust

Your prospect has to buy you before he can buy from you. Likability helps, but isn’t key. Sure, if you’re a nice guy I’m more likely to buy my cup of coffee from you in the morning, but if I have to make a significant investment likability isn’t enough. I have to trust you. I [...]

Sales Training: Crucial Information For Sales People

4 Sep

Sales Training: crucial information for sales people

A good sales person is prepared for every call. A good sales person is prepared for anything. Sales  is all about sharing information, and you have to have the right information, because being without it is like being blind. It’s like driving a car at night without your lights on. You are doomed to fail.

Sales Training: Meet My Friend…Accountability

27 Aug

Sales training is great. It teaches skills and produces immediate results. But, unfortunately sales training only truly changes behavior long-term if there is accountability.  The ASTD (American Society for Training & Development) says that only 19% of people who receive one-time sales training see any kind of sustained performance improvement.

Ecommerce: The Four Ps For Selling Online

25 Aug

ecommerce: the four Ps of selling online

We all know the four Ps, you don’t have to have a marketing degree for that. Getting your marketing mix exactly right, that’s the tricky part. Positioning your brand exactly right can be the difference between failure and success. Getting it right makes you sell more, loads more. So how about your online marketing mix? [...]

London Riots: the Aftermath

13 Aug

London Riots: the Aftermath

After three days of rioting looting and other madness, peace finally seems to have returned to the streets of London.  I live quite close to some of the incidents that have taken place and have seen some of the burning shops with my own eyes. Scary to say the least. London is now finally returning [...]

3 Secrets to Delivering Great Customer Service

7 Aug

3 Secrets to Delivering Great Customer Service

What is the definition of great customer service? To me, customer service is simply living up to your promises. Doing a good job and being able to answer my questions if I have any. But guess what? “A good job” is very subjective. I might consider something a job well done, whereas someone else might [...]

Closing Techniques: the Triple Price Break Down

7 Aug

Sales Techniques: the triple price break down

No matter how good your offer is, lots of people will always complain about the price. Some will think they can get your product cheaper elsewhere, while others will try to haggle your price down. Inexperienced sales people will often struggle with explaining the price of their product. The triple price break down lends a [...]

Sales Training: do you Reward yourself enough?

6 Aug

I work because I have to, but I work in sales because I choose to. To me it is the most enjoyable field to work in. Why? I’m a people’s person. I love dealing with people and I much prefer it to analysing spread sheets all day for instance.  I’m also a very competitive person. [...]