Sales Training: Crucial Information For Sales People

Sales Training: crucial information for sales peopleA good sales person is prepared for every call. A good sales person is prepared for anything. Sales  is all about sharing information, and you have to have the right information, because being without it is like being blind. It’s like driving a car at night without your lights on. You are doomed to fail.

Know Your Product

First of all you should have all the information you can possibly get hold of about what it is you are offering. Only if you are a true expert in your field will you be able to sell a lot, and that means knowing all the specifications, all the news, all the options, understanding them and being able to explain them. The reason for that is very simple: people buy from people who they trust, and people trust experts to help them make a decision.

Know Your Prospect

Secondly, you should have as much information about your audience as possible. The more information you have, the easier it is to make a sale. For instance, if you know someone’s name, you know who to ask for when you are cold calling. If you know what that person’s interests are you can easily build rapport. If you have something in common, such as a mutual friend or business partner, it could be even easier, IF you know what your prospect’s relationship with that person is like.

Understand the Value

Next, you have to know what your prospect values and what his needs are. Where does the true value of your product lie for your prospect? Which of your products fits best with his needs? Or in other words, how can you best solve his problem? If you have that information and you can explain it to your prospect in such a way that he understands, he will understand the value of your offer. This is a great step towards making a sale.

Know The Constraints

Last but not least, know your prospect’s constraints. If you know what will stop your prospect from buying you can make sure to avoid that from happening. The most important constraints are budget and time. If you know how much your prospect can afford, you can make sure your offer is within his budget.


Most of the time we don’t have a complete picture. We don’t go in to a conversation with all this information. If you do, making a sale should be pretty much guaranteed. Normally however, you may be lucky if you know someone’s name. Normally, there is only one way to find the answers to these questions and that is by asking questions. You can’t make a sale without rapport, you can’t make a sale without showing value and you can’t make a sale without knowing the constraints. Ask the questions and use the answers to make your sale.


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