5 tips to help you Sell your Merchandise at the Royal Wedding

royal weddingIt’s a great day here in London with the wedding of Prince William and his gorgeous Kate Middleton. I just finished watching the wedding ceremony and was very impressed with the magnitude of this great event.

The millions of people that have come to our capital today make a great opportunity for selling merchandise and memorabilia. Flags and banners, food, balloons and even cosmetics; if it has the British flag on it you will be able to sell it today here in London.

I wish everyone who is working today the best of luck with selling their merchandise. But before you go out, read these five tips to help you sell your merchandise as quickly as possible, so that you may enjoy a bit of the party at the end of the day!

Tip number 1: move around

If you don’t have a stand, move around and find places where loads of people are walking by, and where you still have enough space to show your merchandise without getting in anyone’s way. Find a place where people are mainly walking in one direction and walk against the flow of traffic in order to capture the attention of as many people as possible. If you have a stand, stand in front of the flow of people and engage people, show them what you’ve got. If there aren’t a lot of people left where you are, don’t hesitate to pack up and move to a better location.

Tip number 2: actively engage people

Don’t wait for people to come to you, be confident and approach them. If you speak to ten people, its quite likely that nine of them are not going to buy, but with the amount of people in the city centre today, you should be able to sell your merchandise in no time.

Tip number 3: use your SEE factors

When you approach people in the street, make sure to Smile, make Eye contact and be Excited (SEE factors). People are much more likely to stop and listen to you if you look them in the eyes with a big smile and lots of excitement. It’s a happy day, people are generally in a good mood. Use it!

Tip number 4: Product in hand

When you’ve stopped someone and they are listening to you, let them hold it while you look for something else (perhaps an upsell). Making people hold the product will give them a sense of ownership and will make them much more likely to buy. And let’s be honest, no mother in her right mind is going to make her five year old give the balloon back to the balloon man on a day like today!

Tip number 5: Use Urgency and Fear of Loss

The fear of missing out is always greater than the desire to gain (Zig Ziglar). Show people how very few items you have left to help them make up their minds quickly. Make them realise that today is the only day they will be able to buy your merchandise as a great reminder of this historic event!


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