The legendary 5 steps to a conversation

Everyone in direct sales should know about the 5 steps to a conversation. It’s a system that is used to create a positive conversation. It is important to do this because a sale can only come from having a positive conversation with your prospect. If the conversation you are having leads into an argument, your opportunity to sell is over. The five steps system prevents this from happening and guides you through a successful sales call.

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Step one: Introduction

The introduction is your opening. One line, or a bit of chit chat, depending on how many people you have to talk to, to create trust and build a rapport. Show people you are a nice person and that you can be trusted. The so-called S.E.E. factors will help you do this. The S stands for Smile. Smiling makes you more approachable.  The E stands for Eye contact. Make eye contact with the person you are talking to, to show confidence and build trust. The second E stands for Excitement. Excitement is contagious. Be excited to get people excited about listening to you.

Step two: Short Story

The Short Story is a short explanation of who you are, who you represent and what you are promoting or trying to achieve. This step is important because everyone is very busy nowadays. People want you to get straight to the point, if you don’t they will lose interest and stop listening. A good Short  Story consists of one or two lines that build curiosity. A good short story makes people excited about your offer and if you do it right, they will want to know more.

Step three: Presentation

The presentation is where you present your offer. This is when you sell it by promoting USPs and by building impulse. Get people really excited about buying your product by giving them three reasons why they should. If you do this well, your prospect will get interested in buying your product, if he feels like he has a need for it.

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Step four: the close

When your prospect is excited about the product, you have to close the deal. The close is where you seal the transaction and when you get your prospect to commit to buying. There are three things you should remember at this stage: 1: ABC, or Always Be Closing. If you don’t shoot, you don’t score. So even if you think your prospect is probably not going to buy, you should still ask the question; his answer may surprise you. 2: close with confidence. You have to be confident in yourself and in your offer if you want your prospect to buy from you, don’t be shy and don’t hesitate. 3: assume the sale. Assume that your prospect is going to buy. If he is not interested he will tell you, if he is, he is much more likely to buy from you if you assume he is. Assume the sale by asking simple questions like: do you want me to wrap this up for you? Shall we move to check out? Do you want to pay cash for this?

Step five: REHASH

What is rehash in sales?

REHASH is an abbreviation which stands for Remember Everyone Has Another Sale Hidden. Someone that just bought from you is in the ‘buying mood.’ Once you’ve made your primary sale, there is opportunity to upsell or cross sell. Do this by repeating steps 2 to 4. REHASHING also means leaving people on a positive note by being friendly and providing the service they require or expect. If your new customer is happy with his purchase and with the service you provide he is likely to come back in the future.

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