Training & Consultancy offers training and consultancy services and training for sales departments and sales managers in telesales, retail and direct sales. We also assist with preparing crucial sales presentations.

We advise on the following:

Sales Presentations

Some sales presentations are just too important. Some presentations may win you contracts that can change your business forever. These are once in a lifetime opportunities. You may have never given a sales presentation like that before. We deliver these presentations every day.

Some presentations are given every day. You or your account managers go out and deliver a presentation to a prospect, over and over and over. You’ve done it so many times that you don’t know where to improve, but at the same time, conversion isn’t great so there definitely is room for improvement.

We can help with content, copy, design and delivery of your sales presentation. We help you structure your presentation in such a way that the message comes across the way it should: crystal clear. Our business partners can design a presentation for you of world class standard that will impress any audience. And, perhaps most importantly, we can help you deliver your presentation in such a way that you come across as highly confident, incredibly knowledgeable and most trustworthy.


We understand telesales. Over the phone, you only have your voice and your  script to communicate your message. Your message has to be pitch perfect, crystal clear and above all; convincing.

Let us help you deliver your message over the phone. We write your script for you and help you overturn any objections. Your sales agents will sound far more confident if they know exactly what to say!

Sales Training

Our sales training seminars are engaging, fun and motivating, but most of all, they are tailored to your business. Some businesses require a very technical training. We can deliver training to yourself or your team that teaches you the best sales techniques and the most powerful closing techniques. Some businesses require a motivational training that is fun and interactive. Let us get your sales team back on track!

We always meet with you to discuss your requirements and to analyse your situation. After that we will tailor make our presentation to your business. We don’t believe in a standard approach. Every person is different, every business is different and every product is different and for that reason, so are our training sessions. Let us deliver the training your business needs most.

Team Performance

A highly motivated team that works well together performs ten times as well as a group of individuals. We help you build your team into a real team. People working together, helping each other will increase not just their own performance, but will help each other develop and grow to new heights.

We organise fun, interactive and memorable days out to help turn your employees into a well-oiled machine.  Contact us for options.

Improving Leadership and Managerial Skills

We really like working with sales staff, and we love to help you do the same. Let us help you manage your sales team more effectively.

Management is keeping someone on course. Leadership is taking a new direction and getting someone to follow you without question. In sales, strong leadership is required for growth and development. A sales team and a business cannot grow without strong leadership and a good example. Let us help you or your sales manager set that example.

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