The Ying ang Yang of Interacting with People

the ying and yang of interacting with peopleIn sales you deal with people all the time. One of the most important skills that can be learned is how to interact with people in such a way that they enjoy it. In other words, how to get people to like you.


So how do you get people to like you? The best way to answer that question is to turn it around. Who do you really like to spend time with?

Let’s take you best friends for example. How do they make you feel? What happens when you meet up with them after you haven’t seen them for a while? They make you feel happy and excited and they fill you with positivity. They make you forget about everything that is negative in your life; they energize you!

Ancient China teaches us about Ying and Yang; positive and negative energy and how they interconnect. It relates for instance, to medicine and martial arts, but in a way, it also relates to the way we interact with people. Positive people energize you and make you feel good, negative people drain energy; they make you feel negative. It is almost like someone else’s energy rubs off on you when you interact with them.

Think about it. Do you enjoy listening to people whinging and moaning? Do you like to spend time with people who complain all the time? No. Why? Because they are so negative! It takes a real effort to listen to those types of people. They drain your energy completely!

On the other hand, how do positive people make you feel? Do you like to talk to someone who is excited and enthausiastic about what you are saying? Do you like to spend time with people who stimulate you and support you with positivity? Of course you do! These people make you feel good inside. They make you feel happy and excited. Positve people energize you.

So, bringing this back to sales and sales management, in order to do a good job we really have to train ourselves in the way in which we interact with people. Being “likeable” as a salesman means you’ll “earn” more sales. Being likeable as a sales manager means you will be able to earn loyalty from your staff. So how do we do this? Avoid whinging and moaning at all costs. Try to stop swearing. Be excited and enthausiastic instead. Smile at people and talk about what they’re interested in instead of complaining about what’s bothering you. Give positive feedbak, don’t critise, and most of all: Energize!

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