Sales Training: do you Reward yourself enough?

Sales Training: do you reward yourself enough?I work because I have to, but I work in sales because I choose to. To me it is the most enjoyable field to work in. Why? I’m a people’s person. I love dealing with people and I much prefer it to analysing spread sheets all day for instance.  I’m also a very competitive person. I like to push myself to be able to hit targets and help others hit their targets.

However, I understand that some sales positions can get a little repetitive after a while. This leads to boredom and boredom leads to underperformance. You won’t get a bonus or a high commission if you don’t perform. You might not even hit your targets and could end up getting fired, because you’re not motivating yourself if you find yourself in that position. You have to reward yourself!

Your employer rewards you with a pay cheque, commission or a bonus. However, sometimes these rewards just aren’t enough. Sometimes you just have to set your own targets and reward yourself when you hit them.

My Rewards

So what do I do to treat myself? The answer is loads of things! If I manage to get out of bed early, I reward myself with a Latté from the coffee shop on my way to the office. Whenever I make a sale that is above average I treat myself to a meal and cinema or theatre tickets. I try to reward myself for everything I consider an achievement, no matter how small it is. If I consider something I’ve done to be a small achievement I will give myself a small treat. If I feel like I’ve achieved something big I will give myself a big reward. And the best thing is that all the fine things in life are so much finer when you feel like you’ve really earned them!

My Q2 Reward

When I hit my quarterly target I splash out big. I hit my target for the second quarter of this year last month, and last weekend was my big treat. I took the aeroplane from London to Amsterdam last Friday and I spent my day there with some of my closest friends. We had an amazing night out in Amsterdam. On Saturday I drove to my old home town to see some of my other friends. Another great night of catching up with people who I hadn’t seen for almost half a year was the result. Sunday was the main event of my personal reward weekend: a music festival in Antwerp, Belgium. The festival was absolutely amazing. I went there with about a dozen people who are all really close to me and we all had a truly unforgettable time. Last weekend really was one of the best rewards I’ve ever given myself.

Your Rewards

How you reward yourself is completely up to you. You could buy a new pair of shoes or take a day off to spend it with your family in the park. You could invite your friends round for a barbecue or go for a manicure. How you reward yourself is up to you. It doesn’t have to cost money, as long as it is something you really enjoy and can look forward to. Because whenever, you feel like your job is becoming a little repetitive, all you have to do is think about your reward! Remind yourself what you are doing it for and you will be able to enjoy your work without effort. You will be able to focus more and perform at your very best because you always have something to look forward to. Reward yourself as much as possible and you will improve your quality of life; your job becomes more enjoyable and you have more fun outside work.

So my question to you: how are you going to reward yourself?

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