Facebook means business!

find us on facebookFacebook means business! If you haven’t realised that by now, read these tips to understand the opportunity. If you use Facebook already, I’m sure there will be something here to give you some fresh ideas! Here are our 10 tips:

#1 Add a like button to your website
When someone clicks a like button, it puts a little message with a link to your content on the wall of that person, for all friends to see. It really is great viral marketing and its free!

#2 Create your own fan page
Through your own fan page you will be able to share information, such as your latest offers with people. If you have a new product or offer, you can promote it instantly to everyone who ‘likes’ your Facebook page. This is a definte must for anyone that is looking to build a relationship with his clients through social media marketing. We recently created our own fan page. Feel free to “like” it so you can stay up to date.

#3 Use Facebook advertising
Facebook advertising works in a way like Google’s PPC advertising, but the benefit is that it allows you to advertise to demographical segments. E.g. if you sell bridal products or anything to do with a wedding, you can simply advertise to everyone who has their relationship status set to engaged. How cool is that?!

#4 Add a like box to your website
The difference between a like button and a like box is that a like button puts a link to your content on a person’s profile, but the like box adds them automatically as a fan to your Facebook page. It also shows people which one of their friends like the same page. Ever heard of the Jones effect?

#5 Facebook places
Add your business on Facebook places if you have a physical location. People will be able to ‘check in’ when they are in your shop. This will put a message on their wall saying that they have visited your place. This works particularly well for social venues such as bars and night clubs.

#6 Facebook market place
The Facebook market place allows you to trade products as an individual. Not always suitable for the larger corporations but for individuals this is great! Advertise to your friends, your friends friends and networks. (I.e. tens of thousands of people)!

#7 Facebook deals
Facebook deals is a brand new service that was launched on the 26th of April. It basically offers the same service as Groupon, in that sense that it allows you to promote special offers. find out more.

#8 Twitter app
No need to update Facebook and Twitter separately. Share all your Tweets with your friends on Facebook through this easy to use app that automatically posts all your tweets on your Facebook wall.

#9 Stalk the competition
Is there an easier way to stay up to date on your competitors moves? I think not. If your competitors have a Facebook fan page your just a ‘like’ away from receiving their latest marketing communications.

#10 Ask your kids
You don’t have to be a social media guru or a computer expert in order to be able to use Facebook to your advantage. But if you find it difficult to get started, ask your kids to help you set up your page. They will know what to do and may even be excited by the idea of helping you out!

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