Can you Afford Adwords? 5 killer tips to make PPC work!


  • Hi Tom,

    It’s true what you say about the enormous potential. I’ve worked with businesses that got literally tranformed thanks to Adwords and sometimes the owners just weren’t ready for it.

    Actually my last job before starting my training and consultancy business was in online advertising. We did Adwords management and developed product launch strategies for big accounts. It was an amazing learning experience and it truly opened my eyes in terms of what’s possible on the internet today.

    Have a great week man,

    • It’s true google (adwords) can transform businesses! Sometimes companies grow very fast thanks to these developments. Key is to keep in mind that the google algorithm can change and competitors can start using Adwords as well!

      Even though Adwords can cost a lot, if used right you can make a lot of profit. But I think the most usefull aspect of Adwords is that you learn how people search/ think/ click and start thinking about it. Then you can use these aspects to rebuild your current website(s) for organic search!

    • Tom says:

      Hi Wim,

      Hope you’re well!

      Thank you for your comment; good to hear you’ve also got positive experience with it.

      Just finished reading your E-book; all I can say is good stuff!

      Will give some more feedback shortly.



    • @Teak Meubelen: Indeed, Adwords is great to first test which keywords convert well and then implement them into your content and SEO strategy. I like that approach as I believe in numbers.

      @Tom: Very excited to hear you liked it. Took me quite a while to finish it 🙂 Looking forward to your feedback!

      Talk soon,

  • Playing devils advocate here. I ran an ad-words campaign through managed by the UKs biggest telecoms operator and it had no effect on my business. It increased traffic but no significant uplift in sales.

    • Proemevlaai says:

      Maybe you just think ‘let’s hire a big and expensive company, and success comes by itself!’…. Maybe you should try to think like your customers and try to do everything to fulfill their expectations. Check your website – landing pages – keywords (broad/ exact) etc. etc.
      You can even hire Google (If this was possible) and in combination with a terrible landing page/ website, you won’t get any results……

  • Troels Kjems says:

    Hi Tom.

    Well written post.

    In my view you need to add one important bullet point to your list – namely setting up conversion tracking so you can actually measure the effect of your AdWords campaigns.

    Having reviewed 50+ AdWords accounts for minor webshops, at least 50% af these are running AdWords campaigns without measuring the effect. Since it’s usually a 10 minutes exercise to set up the tracking, it’s really a no go not to do it.