2 quick tips to sell a PS3 today and the rest of the week.

I just cancelled my credit card. I guess because I believe it’s better to be safe than sorry. Horrible thing, what happened to the PlayStation Network and Sony.  They are definitely going to feel this- short term as well as medium / long term. The share price already dropped 5 % today. But who is going to use the PlayStation network now that it has been hacked? Which brave soul is going to enter his new credit card details? Not me, at least not for a while.

So how do we sell a PlayStation with all this bad press around? How do we sell a PS3 instead of an Xbox, which doesn’t seem to have any problems? How do we sell any product that is not the preferred choice? Here are two simple steps that will help you sell anything, no matter how bad the press actually is.

Step 1: Downplay the negative. In the case of the PS3 this is the trustworthiness of the PlayStation network.  Simply explain to the customer that he can buy most of what’s available on the PlayStation Network in your shop and that you will assist him if he needs anything. This immediately eliminates the negative because you are providing him with a better alternative. No need to put your credit card details online, when they are safe here with me. I’m sure you will be able to game online again before you are up and running with your new system; analysts say the network will be usable again shortly.

For any other product, simply ask your client what he doesn’t like about it (if you don’t already know), agree with him, and then explain that it isn’t a problem because.. etc  etc.

Step 2: don’t sell the product, sell the promotion. Huh? Don’t sell the product? Stay with me folks. Instead of focussing on the product, focus on the special offer that they are getting. Sell the two free games that come with a new console. Sell the 20% off he is getting for buying a PS3 before the end of the month. Don’t sell the product, sell the offer!

If you want to go one step further with this, you can even create an offer to compensate for the negative. “The issues with the PS Network will soon be resolved. However, for your inconvenience we are now giving a 15 % discount on all PS3 consoles until the end of the month. Happy gaming!”

This strategy has worked for me for many years with many different products. Use it now and keep selling those PS3s.

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